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Being arrested and charged with drunk driving is a harrowing experience. Perhaps a moment of stupidity got the best of you, or you could be the victim of improper police practices. Either way, you’re stuck in a situation you want desperately to get out of. People get anxious about the DWI charges because they’re dealing with something unfamiliar. They often see it as them being one small person up against the power of the police and the government. Getting good legal representation needs to be in place immediately after, if not even before, you’re arrested. A good Austin DWI attorney can make all the difference in your state of mind and the successful defense of your case. Here’s some information on DWI conviction rates and what they mean for you.

Knowledge is Key to Good Defense

Almost everyone knows someone affected by DWI charges. Even though most people try to keep it quiet, the fact is that drunk-driving infractions are the most reported crime in the United States. There are more drunk-driving charges filed each year than theft and larceny combined. Police file more than two million drunk-driving cases every year. Sentences and penalties for DWI convictions have become stricter in recent years. People facing charges need a good Austin DWI attorney and should know their options.

Conviction Rates Depend on Evidence

A lot of people automatically assume anyone arrested and charged with a DWI is guilty. However, Austin DWI attorneys know that’s false. Convictions hinge on the effective presentation of evidence gathered by police officers and administered by prosecutors. There are more than 30 different ways to challenge evidence from breathalyzer machines alone. The best attorneys know the holes in DWI cases and can communicate them clearly in their clients’ favor. How officers procure evidence also must meet certain standards. Cases are often dropped because something wasn’t done by the book. Austin DWI attorneys need to be able to review the case holistically.

A Good Austin DWI Attorney Makes the Difference

Believe it or not, conviction rates for DWIs vary greatly based on location because different people have different access to the best attorneys and resources. In places where there aren’t great legal representatives, conviction rates can be as high as 75%. In other places that have access to great lawyers, it can be in the 20% range. It underscores the need for a great Austin DWI attorney if you’re facing DWI charges.

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