Call 24/7 for Jail Release or schedule a Free Consultation:

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Call 24/7 for Jail Release or schedule a Free Consultation:

(512) 599-9000

Texas is one of the toughest states for those who are guilty of DWI. If you are facing DWI charges, you might be exploring ways to keep yourself from the consequences of conviction. Expungement is when the DWI is removed from a record as if it never happened. The only way to get your DWI…

The state of Texas considers driving while intoxicated a grave offense. If you are charged with suspicion of DWI, the steps you take following your arrest are highly critical to building a winning defense against conviction. Immediately after your arrest for DWI, you should do the following things to minimize any consequences. Be Cooperative but…

If law enforcement accuses you of driving while under the influence, they might ask you to take a breathalyzer or chemical test. Due to implied consent laws, you do have the right to refuse a breathalyzer test. But, it will come with penalties for doing so. Implied consent, in the state of Texas, means that…

Texas is one of the harshest states on DWI charges. Luckily, just because you’re facing DWI charges does not necessarily mean you will face conviction. If you hire an experienced attorney to build a winning defense, it is possible to have your charges reduced, or even dismissed, by using these best defenses for DWI. Here are…

Although commonly thought of as just an alcohol-related offense, DWI stands for driving while intoxicated. There are different types of intoxication. So it is possible to be charged with a DWI even if you have no alcohol in your system. You can be accused of a DWI with drug suspicion and forced to submit to…

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