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Whenever someone ends up in jail, they want to get out as soon as possible. Being arrested and imprisoned is a very unpleasant experience, especially if you’re innocent. Finding an attorney who can secure a jail release can help get you out of jail early. When most people think of getting out, it’s often centered around paying a bondsman to post the bail fee with the court. However, jail release facilitated by an attorney is a faster process that can secure your freedom during the trial process. Here are some key differences between jail release and working with a bondsman.

Jail Release Gets You Out Faster

Judges usually feel better releasing someone before trial when a lawyer walks the bond through the legal process. Attorneys fill out the necessary paperwork and submit the package to pretrial services. They wait in the building while the background check on the arrestee is completed and then, based on a favorable recommendation, take the bond directly to the duty magistrate for approval.

The process with a bondsman typically takes much longer. They don’t have the same connections in court and don’t deal with the same volume of cases and arrests.

The Attorney Facilitating the Bond Will Represent Your Case

With an attorney bond or jail release, the attorney who oversees your bond through pretrial and before a judge must be the same one representing your case in court. This is preferable because the attorney and client have more time to work through building an effective defense. Dealing with a bondsman to get out of jail means you still have to interview and find an attorney to represent you.

Knowing this, it’s important for people looking for legal services to make sure the attorney willing to bond you or someone you love out of jail has experience with your type of case. They need to be good enough to get a favorable ruling and prevent you from going back to prison.

Jail Release is Often Cheaper

Attorneys and bondsmen charge fees for their services. With an attorney bond, legal teams will often bundle fees because they’ll be working your case as well. Bondsmen know they won’t be working with you in the future, so they have to get all their fees upfront.

Stephen Bowling & Associates has a team of attorneys experienced with the jail release process. We’re dedicated to helping our clients spend as little time in jail as possible. If you or someone you know needs legal help with a bond, contact us today.

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