Court room DWI

Learning about DWIs is the best way to avoid them. Knowing the consequences is the best way to convince people to not drink and drive. Getting educated on the possible outcomes of a DWI after you’ve been charged is also important. It sets expectations about what may come and can help people to prepare. A lot of people wonder, for example, is a DWI a felony in Texas? Understanding how a felony conviction could affect your life will help you protect you and your loved ones in the best way possible. Let’s take a look at three ways DWI convictions affect people’s lives.

  1. DWI Convictions Ruin Careers

If you’ve filled out a job application recently, you’ve seen the question about past convictions. Certain employers ask questions to determine whether an applicant is trustworthy or a legal liability. Most of the time the application asks if you’ve been convicted of a felony. That’s when the answer to, is a DWI a felony in Texas comes in handy. Actually, the first instance is still classified as a misdemeanor. The third DWI strike is when people get into felony territory. Felons, and even people with DWI misdemeanor convictions have reported difficulty getting hired, especially if the job requires driving. People who have professional licenses like nurses, pilots and CPAs, etc. can also have their license suspended over a conviction.

  1. Constitutional Rights

Felons lose the right to vote. They also have severe restrictions placed on them regarding the use and ownership of firearms. This always makes Texans’ ears prick up when they get the answer to is a DWI a felony in Texas? Getting these rights back after a felony conviction are extremely difficult.

  1. Restricts International Travel

Believe it or not, but some countries, like Canada, restrict entry to people who’ve been convicted to drunk driving. Convictions can also impair your ability to get TSA Precheck or Global Entry passes. Both help people move through the airport efficiently and avoid lines. Losing both privileges will put a strain on your time.

The best way to avoid DWI convictions is to not drink and drive. In addition, obtaining the services of the best attorneys possibly is key. Stephen Bowling & Associates has worked in Texas for years helping clients fight DWI charges. Call us today to speak with our team about how we can help defend you against the impacts of a DWI conviction.

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