Client Service Features

When Stephen T Bowling was arrested years ago he grew frustrated at the lack of communication from his attorney. His belief is this is one of the most stressful times you will go through and his goal is to take as much stress away from our clients as possible. Two of the primary ways we hope take away some of the stress are:

  1. Answering questions to take away the unknown, and
  2. Keeping you informed during your case.

The client portal is always kept up to date with your upcoming court dates, the status of your case, and the status of your driver’s license hearing (if you were arrested for a DWI). In addition to updating you with phone calls, we will upload brochures on specific topics throughout your case that will explain the process and what to expect. This portal is setup when you retain our services and is available via the secure client portal. Of course you are always welcome to call the office too.


As you know, the bills are available to view in the secure client portal along with a copy of all documents for your case. The billing department will send a reminder on the due date. There are two ways to make a payment:

Helpful Resources

While helping hundreds of clients over the years we’ve accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of Criminal and DWI defense. The following are a few of the resources we have established to assist you:

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We will get to know you and your situation so that we can guide you through this uncertain time. We will explain what to expect during the process and, based on your circumstances, ways to fight your case.

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