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The consequences for Domestic Violence  have become more severe over the last few decades as the government and politicians attempt to prove that they are “tough on crime.” Also, being charged with Domestic Violence in Austin can be extremely embarrassing and frustrating. It will bring up very personal issues that must be exposed in the process.

There is nothing more upsetting than the government meddling in your personal life, getting involved in your private disputes with your spouse, or telling you how to raise your children. Therefore, hiring a qualified Austin Domestic Violence attorney can increase your chances of a reaching a favorable outcome.

Possibly the most frustrating thing about being charged with Domestic Violence is that it is a crime often based on the story of someone who is angry with the accused and wants revenge. Unfortunately, the system can be easily manipulated by someone with an agenda who wants revenge against his or her partner.

Usually, this need for revenge may arise from family court matter, divorce, child custody dispute, or recently discovered infidelity. The Travis, Williamson, and Hays County courts are full of men and women who were accused and charged with Domestic Violence offences, and either pled to something they did not do or went to trial and were wrongly convicted because they were set up.


The consequences of an unnecessary plea or wrongful conviction can last a lifetime. These crimes carry heavy fines, jail or prison sentences, and are defined as crimes of moral turpitude. Domestic Violence crimes may have grave immigration consequences and can lead to deportation.

In Austin, the main priority of the police after that fateful 911 call is to make an arrest. In other words, the priority of the prosecution is making sure they get some type of conviction. The system is not interested in what really happened in the relationship, what the fight was really about, that the “victim” was actually the instigator, or that he or she was the aggressor and you were trying to defend yourself. Unfortunately, there are no safeguards in the system to protect innocent men and women from being accused and charged with something they did not do.


Also, there is the misconception that the “victim” can “drop” the charges after he or she has called the police and you have been arrested. That is not true. The District Attorney’s office will not drop the charges in a Domestic Violence case simply because a week or a month later the supposed Domestic Violence “victim” wants to drop the charges.

Consequently, the decision to file or not file a case is the sole decision of the District Attorney. That decision will be based on what is said on the 911 call, what is written in the police report, whether or not there were any injuries, and whether or not there have been any prior acts of Domestic Violence.


First, if you are being investigated by the police or have been arrested for Domestic Violence, hire a criminal defense attorney. The negative life-long consequences that come from a Domestic Violence conviction cannot be overemphasized. As police officers Stephen T Bowling and David Thomas responded to numerous Domestic Violence cases. They know how police investigate and put together a case against you.

More importantly, they know the mistakes the police make and the shortcuts that they take. In addition, the team at Stephen T Bowling & Associates will use their expertise and knowledge to your advantage in negotiating a just result. Otherwise we will take your case to trial in front of a jury. Many times it is not the facts that result in a great disposition of your case, but the savvy, expertise and professionalism of your attorney when he presents your case to the prosecutor and the judge.

The team at Stephen T Bowling & Associates knows what it takes to get a Domestic Violence case dismissed. If you or a loved one is being charged with domestic violence, you need a qualified Austin Domestic Violence Attorney to protect your rights. Choosing a qualified criminal lawyer is an important and difficult decision.

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