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When people look for a DWI attorney, Austin, TX has a lot of different options. Different law firms specialize in specific types of cases. It’s important to find an attorney who can be responsive to your needs and who knows what they are doing. They should have the resources necessary to respond to your requests and offer support when necessary. A lot goes into selecting the right attorney. It’s not something that should be done quickly or without a bit of planning. Here’s a beginner’s guide to choosing the right DWI attorney in Austin Texas.

Do Some Research

A simple web search will return a lot of different options for Austin law firms. Thankfully, these days there are client reviews listed on search results so you can read others’ experience dealing with various lawyers. While reviews shouldn’t be definitive, they can point you in the right direction. A good DWI attorney in Austin will have positive reviews. You can visit their website and read about their areas of expertise. They should list experience dealing with DWI and how they can help potential clients.

Ask for Referrals

Many law firms get clients through word of mouth. The best firms work hard to support their clients so they feel comfortable passing on friends’ and family information. Ask around for a good DWI attorney in Austin. Chances are someone will know a good firm who can help.

Schedule a Phone Appointment with the DWI Attorney in Austin

After you’ve selected a few law firms you want to explore, schedule a phone interview to talk about what you need and what they have to offer. A good firm will be responsive to talking and give you the time you need to decide. They’ll walk you through their process, their team, and what makes them a good choice for you.

In the call, make sure you go over things like cost and how your case will be handled. Ask them to walk you through a DWI scenario. That will really help you know if they’re one of the best DWI attorneys Austin has to offer. You should leave the call comfortable knowing what’s involved if you hire them.

Stephen Bowling & Associates is one of Austin’s premier DWI defense firms. We work hard to protect our clients in the event DWIs and other legal issues. If you or someone you know is looking for the best DWI attorney in Austin, contact our team today.

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