7 Ways A Criminal Lawyer
Can Help You

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7 Ways A Criminal Lawyer Can Help You

If you have been arrested on felony charges, you will need a criminal attorney to ensure that you have the best defense possible.  A criminal lawyer or defense attorney can be the difference in getting your case dismissed, charges reduced, or even potentially dismissed.  Criminal defense lawyers are trained to examine facts, find errors, and create strategies to argue your case.  They have experience with the justice system, have access to resources, and have honed skills to negotiate the best outcome for your case.

How Do You Know if a Criminal Lawyer Can Help With Your Case?

Many attorneys specialize in specific types of crimes. For example, some may only handle drug charges, violent crimes, federal charges, or sex crimes. By specializing in particular types of cases, a criminal lawyer will have the additional experience and extensive knowledge needed to defend specific charges.

Our Austin attorneys have leveraged their expertise to resolve thousands of cases in Austin. We are specialized in DUI/DWI, Drug Possession or Sales Charges, and Domestic Violence and Assault Cases.  Our expertise can guarantee the best possible outcome for your case.

How Can a Criminal Lawyer Help You?

If you’ve been arrested or the victim of criminal activity, you need to find the best criminal defense Austin has to provide. The attorney you choose to defend you will have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. With your best interests in mind, your attorney will strategically and methodically work to bring your case to its best possible conclusion. In the words of President John F. Kennedy: “A good lawyer is going to try to protect [his]/her client.”

A criminal defense lawyer can:

1.  Investigate your case.

A criminal lawyer will start by investigating the charges against you, examine or conduct witness statements, and evaluate the evidence that has been collected against you.  He will collect any additional information to get a better understanding of the case, including video evidence and social media posts. He may also scrutinize the conduct of witnesses, codefendants, and arresting officers.  He will compile the evidence for a complete picture of the case as charged.

2.  Negotiate the charges against you.

A criminal lawyer will negotiate the charges against you, and based on the evidence gathered and your criminal history will negotiate the best reduced charges and penalties. Because of his experience and relationships with prosecutors, he may even be able to stop the charges before they are filed. Your attorney will work to negotiate the best outcome for you by possibly negotiating down the charges, initiating a plea bargain, or work on reducing your sentence.

3.  Map out a theory of defense.

If your criminal attorney cannot successfully negotiate your charges, you may have to go to trial. The criminal lawyer will then recommend and develop a theory of defense. They will help you with decision-making and may coach you on what to expect. If needed, your attorney will locate and hire a private investigator and/or expert witnesses.

4. Understands and assists you on the emotional aspects of a trial.

Though your criminal lawyer is not in the business of emotional or psychological therapy, they are accustomed to the emotional issues you may be having. It is not unusual to feel isolated, depressed, or angry. Your attorney can help you understand those feelings and suggest ways to deal with them. An attorney may also help with communications with your family.

6.  Educate you on the laws and penalties of your case.

Your criminal attorney will advise you of the consequences of your plea and the standard DWI penalties that can be imposed. They will explain any charges that are unclear to you and how the laws apply to your case.

7.  Represent you at trial.

Your criminal lawyer works for you. He will work to get the best possible defense for you and work to minimize sentencing, if applicable.

Choose the Best Criminal Lawyer in Austin

If you need a criminal lawyer in Austin, Texas, choose a firm that has the expertise you need, with a proven track record. Stephen Bowling, DWI, and Criminal Defense Attorneys have three convenient locations to serve you—Austin in Travis County, Georgetown in Williamson County, and San Marcos in Hays County. If you are arrested, getting you released from detention is our first priority.  We will secure your Austin Jail Release, and any fee paid to our firm to secure your release is applied toward your initial retainer payment for representation. Call (512) 601-4051 any time, day or night. We will take your call 24/7 and can set up a time for a free consultation.

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