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Have you been arrested? Did you know it is possible to get your DWI charges dropped? That’s right. An experienced DWI attorney can be a lifesaver for you and your family who are facing trial. They know how the system works; they’ll help negotiate with prosecution or petition the court to lessen charges/penalties or even dismiss the case entirely before it goes to trial.

Before offering or accepting a plea deal, the prosecutor may consider various factors such as:

This Is Your First DWI Offense

In case this is your first DWI charge, you might get a reduced charge/offense level if you have the right attorney. The prosecutor might offer you a reduced charge/offense level if they believe that your first-time DWI offense was an “isolated incident” and not part of some pattern of behavior, such as alcohol abuse.

Your Criminal Record Is Clean

If you have no prior criminal record, there’s an excellent chance that the DWI charges against you can be dropped and reduced to reckless driving.

Your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Test Results Were Either at or Just Below 0.08—Legal Limit

Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) helps the police to know the approximate amount of alcohol in your system. If you have a BAC level below 0.08 percent, then the prosecutor may reduce your charges from DWI to less serious infractions or misdemeanors.

You Refused To Take a Chemical Test Meaning There Is Lack of Breath/Blood Sample

The Texas DWI defense lawyers at Stephen T Bowling can have your DWI charges dropped by showing proof that you weren’t driving recklessly. That’s if there is no evidence found to show intoxication or lack of any other aggravating factors such as speeding away from an accident scene.

Police Made an Improper Traffic Stop or Failed To Establish Probable Cause

Misdeeds by the police might get your DWI charges dropped with the help of an experienced Austin, Texas attorney. These include:

  • The officer did not read you your Miranda rights during the arrest, and you were questioned improperly
  • The officer violated your rights by searching you without probable cause
  • Proof that the officer collected biased information

Police Improperly Administered a Chemical or Field Sobriety Test

When the officer fails to collect proper evidence, or if there is proof of a violation while collecting samples such as blood and urine samples or breath test results from you, your DWI charges may be dropped.

The DWI Didn’t Involve Any Injury

If your DWI charge does not involve any victims or injuries, then it’s possible to have them dropped even before a trial.

Police Videos Show You Were Coherent and Respectful

If you were coherent and respectful on the DWI videos, then your charges can be dropped. That’s because DWI charges are usually only filed if you’re too intoxicated to make moral decisions.

There Is Evidence of Law Enforcement Misconduct

If you can prove that there was police misconduct, it is possible to have your DWI charges dropped. This usually occurs when the officer in question didn’t follow protocol or appeared to be biased in their questioning.

Don’t Get Trapped in Legal Loopholes When Trying To Get Your DWI Charges Dropped

If you’re not sure if your DWI charges will be dropped, then you must work with a skilled DWI lawyer from Austin County, Texas. They will know how to navigate the legal system and find loopholes for your DWI charges to be dropped.

So what are some steps you should take when you want your Texas DWI charges dropped?

Get an Attorney To Get Your DWI Charges Dropped

When facing DWI charges, it’s wise to get a skilled attorney. With their guidance, you can know how to proceed with your DWI case.

At Stephen T Bowling: DWI & Criminal Defense Attorneys, we have a long record of success in getting many Texas DWI charges dropped. We’ve helped countless people just like you get their charges dropped or reduced to a lesser offense because we know how important this is. Our services are affordable and friendly, and so are our payment plans which include a free consultation.

Don’t Admit to Drinking

In the court of law, a confession is as good as a conviction; hence it’s better never to confess and get your Travis County Texas DWI attorney to represent your case.

Refuse All Sobriety Tests

The tests can be used to convict you. If the police officer asks to breathalyze or take blood samples, refuse these requests. Contact a DWI attorney in Travis County, Texas, to inform you of the next cause of action.

Don’t Take Blood or Breath Tests

You are not providing the police with evidence against yourself by refusing to take the blood and breath tests. This will help your case in the long run since you do not have to worry about weakening your DWI defense.

Call Stephen Bowling Right Away!

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