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Georgetown (Williamson County Texas) DWI Attorney

Facing a DWI charge can pose a serious threat to your freedom and finances due to the gravity of the charges. However, having a Georgetown DWI attorney working your case increases your chances of getting your charges dropped or reduced. DWI, which stands for driving while intoxicated or impaired, is a serious offense. Besides the chances of losing your driving license, you may end up in jail. Charges for DWI range from misdemeanors to felonies, while penalties for driving while impaired include the revocation of your driving license, fines, and possible jail time.

A DWI charge in Texas can be a very costly affair with fines for first-time offenders exceeding $10,000 in fines and legal fees. Driving while impaired poses a lot of danger to you as well as other people. It affects your driving skills such as eye, hand, and foot coordination, thus increasing the chances of causing accidents. Without proper legal representation, the severity of the charges could see you face extreme fines and jail time as well as losing your driving license. A DWI attorney is your best chance to win the legal tussle.

What to Look for in a Georgetown DWI Attorney

While legal representation is quite necessary while facing a DWI charge, there are certain qualities an attorney must possess to increase their chances of winning the legal battle. This is the type of charge where, due to the gravity of the charge and the life-altering repercussions in case of conviction, you choose nothing but the best legal representation available. A DWI attorney must possess qualities such as:

  • A spotless ethical record
  • A good track record in court
  • Charge you legal fees you can afford
  • Extensive DWI experience and training
  • Excellent communications skills

What Sets a Good DWI Attorney Apart from the Rest?

An attorney’s courtroom success sets them apart from the rest. However, there are other additional factors that a DWI attorney needs to stay ahead of the pack, such as:

  • Exuding confidence
  • Avid communicator
  • Able to win court cases
  • Available and accessible when you need them

An attorney with a Proven Success Rate

When looking for an attorney in Georgetown, Texas, you need one with the ability to win court cases. An attorney with a proven success rate is an asset when building a DWI case.

Understanding the Texas DWI Law

In Texas, it is illegal to operate a vehicle while impaired or intoxicated. Being intoxicated means that you don’t have the normal mental or physical faculties due to the introduction of alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, or any other substance in your body or having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 or higher. In Texas, driving means operating a motor vehicle, thus you can be arrested and charged even when the car is not moving.

The consequences of driving while intoxicated in Texas are very serious even for first-time offenders. You face consequences such as automatic suspension of your driving license 40 days after your arrest for the failure to request administrative license revocation. An experienced DWI attorney knows and understands the consequences you face when charged with DWI and will duly defend your rights before a jury if there is a need to.

Free Case Consultation

A DWI charge being a serious charge requires the services of a skilled and experienced attorney. Having an attorney whom you can consult about your case is a big step forward. DWI attorneys will offer you free case consultation and we will charter the way forward with you while advising you earnestly about the best way to proceed.

What is the Process to Get Started?

When you are charged with a DWI charge, the first and most important step is to hire an experienced DWI attorney as soon as possible. An attorney will advise you about your rights and build the strongest possible defense for your case and also represent you during court proceedings. An attorney is best suited to negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf. This makes it possible to lower the charges or obtain a favorable plea bargain, especially if you are a first-time offender.

The penalties are more severe if you are not a first-time offender and this can seriously affect many if not all aspects of your life.  By hiring a competent DWI attorney, you increase your chances of having your charges dropped or reduced. An attorney who is qualified has the whole process of a DWI charge internalized and will duly give you sound advice.

Get a Proven Attorney Right Away

When you are faced with a DWI charge, you need an attorney who is proven, experienced, one who understands the law, is aggressive and who fights tirelessly to positively affect the outcome of your case. Getting a DWI attorney to work on your behalf is a big leap forward towards getting a fair hearing. With vast and talented legal professionals who are highly skilled and committed to the highest standards when representing your case, you can rest assured that Georgetown DWI attorneys will do everything possible to get your charges dismissed or reduced.

What to do in the First 48 Hours After a DWI Stop

A DWI arrest is not an automatic conviction. There are steps you need to take after a DWI arrest to significantly alter the outcome of your case. For a start, you need to request an administrative license revocation hearing. To make this easier, get an experienced and proven attorney to put together a case as soon as possible.

What should You do When Stopped for a DWI Offence?

  • Find a safe place to pull over
  • Avoid making sudden movements
  • Be polite to the police
  • Avoid answering potentially incriminating questions and do not lie to the police
  • Refuse all field sobriety tests
  • Refuse to blow at the officer’s hand-held breathalyzer that the officer has on the scene
  • In case you are arrested, refuse breath and blood tests
  • When you are released, write down everything you can remember about the night of the arrest

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