criminal charges for drugs

Are you facing criminal charges for drugs? If so, you’ll want an exceptional attorney on your side. Thankfully, Stephen Bowling has a track record of excellent results.

Criminal Charges for Drugs

In Texas, a person can be charged for the use, possession, and sale of certain drugs. These drugs can include illicit drugs, or the kind that are illegal under any circumstances. Drugs like cocaine, heroin, and meth all fall under this category. One can also face charges for certain prescription drugs. For example, if a person sells prescription drugs or takes a drug that wasn’t prescribed to them, then they could face legal trouble. Criminal charges for drugs can get serious, and those charges can impact a person’s future. That’s why the right criminal defense attorney will have several strategies ready to go.


Getting to Know Your Case

Take Stephen Bowling, for example. Stephen will start by getting to know your case inside and out. He’ll ask you plenty of questions, and he’ll encourage you to ask questions, too. This careful examination will reveal potential flaws in your arrest and reasons why your charges may be reduced. In many cases, Stephen has uncovered compelling reasons for judges to dismiss his clients’ drug charges completely. Stephen examines each case from every angle. He doesn’t ignore any detail. This attention to detail can make all the difference.


Police Errors

Next, a criminal defense attorney can look for police errors from your criminal charges for drugs. Stephen Bowling often spots potentially unreasonable searches and seizures. What does this mean? It means that the police who searched you for drugs may have done so illegally. If the police didn’t have probable cause to stop and search you, then your case may get thrown out.


Your Awareness and Intent

Some criminal charges for drugs can hinge on your intent. In other words, if you did not intend to sell or use those drugs, you may get a lighter sentence. Simple drug possession comes with a much lighter sentence than drug possession with intent to sell. Furthermore, if the drugs were placed in your belongings without your knowledge, then you may not be penalized at all.


Get Legal Advice Now

Need legal advice about criminal charges for drugs? Start with a free consultation with Stephen Bowling. Stephen is here to answer any questions you may have. Contact Stephen today. The sooner you get legal counsel, the better.

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