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When people are arrested and awaiting trial, sometimes they have to wait in jail. To get out, they contact a bondsman who bails them out and guarantees that they will appear in court on their scheduled court date. Paying a bail bondsman can be expensive. It’s a financial burden many people incur because they think it’s their only option. However, for jail release, Travis County residents can get legal help from a qualified attorney who can vouch for their appearance in court. What’s the difference between jail release and working with a bail bondsman? Let’s take a look.

Jail Release vs. Bail Bonds

If an attorney has significant experience in a court system, they can work with judges to secure a client on jail release. When working on jail release, Travis County lawyers argue before a judge that a personal bond is set with a family member. They are then accountable for whether the arrested individual appears in court. It’s a much cheaper option than working with a bail bondsman, and you keep the issue in the family.

Personal Bond vs. Cash Deposit Bond

Depending on the circumstances of the case, a judge may not approve a personal bond from a family member. In that case, a good attorney will argue for a cash deposit bond. For fast jail release, Travis County courts can accept cash deposits. Essentially, the legal system holds the cash deposit and returns the money when the individual appears in court. If he or she does not appear, then they keep the money.

When Seeking Jail Release, Travis County Families Need Help from a Lawyer

Normal people who work with bail bonds cannot argue for cash deposits or personal bonds. A good attorney, though, will have a relationship with the courts and can advocate for you or a loved one. Stephen Bowling & Associates has been working with Travis County families for years to secure a fast jail release. We know the stress of having someone you love detained or imprisoned. Our team works hard to get him or her out of jail as quickly as possible. Fast jail release helps prepare for your defense before important court dates.

Don’t get trapped in the murky world of bail bonds. Contact us today to hear how we can secure a fast jail release so you or a loved one can get the help you need.

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