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If you live in the state of Texas, there are reasons that you can lose your license. The good news is that, in certain circumstances, you can ask for something called an Occupational Driver’s License, which means you can drive on a limited basis. If you can make a case at the ALR hearing for this particular license, then the hurdles that you face are not as punishing.

What are Reasons for License Suspension?

There are many reasons why you can lose your driving privileges in Texas. You can lose your license for things like driving while intoxicated, having multiple traffic violations, being evaluated as medically not able to drive, and driving without car insurance. The good news is that you still may be eligible to drive under certain conditions with an Occupational Driver’s License.

What if You Lose Your License due to DWI?

If your license is suspended for DWI, then not only will you face criminal charges, you will also have to defend yourself civilly at an Administrative License Revocation hearing. You will automatically have to fave an ALR hearing. The ALR hearing will determine the length of your suspension. If you are facing an ALR hearing, the best way to defend yourself is to hire an attorney to represent you in court.

Who is Eligible for an Occupational Driver’s License?

If you lose your license, you might be eligible for an Occupational Driver’s License. It will allow you to drive to school, work, or to perform necessary household functions. You are not eligible for this license if you lost your driving privileges for medical reasons, due to failure to pay child support, or if you want to drive a commercial vehicle. This type of license is typically valid for up to one year.

How can I Request an Occupational Driver’s License?

If you want to obtain an Occupational Driver’s License, then you have to supply the Texas DPS with specific documents. You must have a court order and a certified occupational license petition. You also have to provide a Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate (SR22) that you can purchase from your insurance company. Also required are any suspension documents, a driver’s license reinstatement fee, and a $10 occupational license fee.

If you lose your driving privileges in Texas, you may be able to get an Occupational Driver’s License. It will allow you to drive for specific reasons only. But it can help you overcome some of the hurdles you face. Contact Stephen T. Bowling to discuss your case today!

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