Court room DWI

Sometimes the cards are stacked against you. Whether you’re dealing with a traffic violation or a serious criminal offense, you need to understand what your odds of success are. Sometimes the right thing to do is to fight charges, and sometimes the best option is negotiating a plea deal. Plea deals are arrangements with police and prosecutors that can reduce penalties, fines, and sentences in return for a guilty plea. When choosing criminal lawyers, Austin residents need to find someone familiar with the plea deal process. They’ll be able to help navigate you through turbulent waters and get the best deal possible.

A Criminal Attorney Austin Defendants can Trust

First of all, you need to find a criminal defense attorney who has your best interests at heart. History has shown examples of lawyers who were too cozy with prosecutors, essentially rubber-stamping plea deals to get more cases through the legal system. That’s not what you want.

For the best criminal attorney, Austin defendants need to do some research. You should find someone with a proven track record of negotiating favorable settlements. It’s ideal if you can find someone who has tried and negotiated plea deals for cases similar to yours. Interview them and make sure they’re someone who will vouch for you and be your advocate.

They Understand the Parameters of a Plea Deal

It’s important to be realistic when negotiating a plea deal. The right lawyer can set reasonable expectations so you can make the right decision for yourself or your family. You need to know what’s at stake with a plea deal on the table versus taking a case to trial. For criminal lawyers, Austin lawyers know what the norm is for certain charges. They’ll be able to guide you through the process and have leverage with prosecutors. They will work hard to negotiate the best possible plea deal because they know what’s been done in the past.

If you’re dealing with charges and you need help, find a criminal attorney for assistance. For years, Stephen Bowling & Associates has worked hard to advocate for Texans caught up in legal trouble. We’ll help you or a loved one understand the plea deal process and whether it can work in your favor. You can expect an honest assessment of whether a plea deal is the best scenario you can hope for, or if going to trial is the right call. For more information, call us today.

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