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There’s a lot involved in a police arrest. Crimes are often chaotic and confusing. The news presents issues as if they’re black and white, but there are a lot of technicalities involved when the police arrest someone suspected of committing a crime. If you’ve been arrested, or are concerned about being arrested, it’s important to know how to respond and what to do. Your actions during the arrest and detention process will have a huge impact on the result of any legal issues you’re facing. Working with an attorney prior to any arrest is one of the most valuable things someone can do. A capable attorney can coach you through what to say and do to limit incriminating yourself. They’ll also teach you what information they need to know in order to mount an aggressive defense. If you’re looking for a lawyer, Austin TX firms will work with you, so you know what to do.

What Happened?

As lawyers, Austin TX attorneys will want to know everything that happened preceding and during your arrest. They’ll want to know as much detail as possible about your interactions with police officers. That will help them gauge how much exposure you have. Telling your lawyer how the arresting officers acted and what they said will also let the lawyer know if they acted in accordance with the law. A lot of times, misconduct by police officers can help in your defense.

Provide Any Related Documents

If you already have a lawyer, Austin TX attorneys generally want access to all documents related to your arrest. The first thing you’ll need to provide is the arrest record. An arrest record is a written record of what happened during the arrest. It’s filled out by the police. It will include pertinent facts like the time, place, and date of the arrest. It will also list what you were arrested for. Typically, anytime police arrest someone they also have a file on targeted suspects related to the crime. Attorneys will need that information that will include maps, records of interviews, evidence lists, and other information related to your case. It will be a big help in your defense. Personal records like past criminal history, motor vehicle records, medical history, and any other documents that could tie into the case will also help.

The Truth

There are mixed opinions on whether those arrested should confess crimes they committed to their lawyer. Most lawyers will say yes, clients should be forthcoming about their guilt or innocence. Any details about the case could help the defense, whether they are guilty or not. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision people must make on their own.

If you’re looking for the best lawyer, Austin TX firm Stephen Bowling & Associates is a great option. We’ve been helping clients across communities in Texas for years and have built our reputation by providing quality legal advice in a timely manner. Contact us today to speak about how we can help you if you or your loved one has been arrested.

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