When it comes to criminal defense, Stephen Bowling and the criminal defense lawyers in our practice stand among Texas’ leading law firms. Although our firm is known for successfully representing DWI offenders, our team of lawyers, headed by Stephen Bowling, a former police officer, defends people facing all forms of criminal offense prosecution in Texas….

If you or a family member is facing criminal or DWI charges or needs to be released from jail in Austin, Georgetown, or San Marcos, Texas call the DWI Man. As an Austin criminal justice lawyer, the DWI Man has a conveniently located local office where our experienced legal team will help you understand your…

Arrested for a DWI in Texas and facing criminal charges? The implications of a DWI, drug possession charge, or other criminal arrest are serious. They may potentially compromise your reputation, financial position, and even your career and future opportunities. By doing research about a potential dispute and searching for a Texas criminal defense lawyer, you…

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