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Choosing the right DWI lawyer will have a huge impact on your case. If you’re being charged with DWI, the consequences can be severe. It’s not something to take chances on. Anyone going to court to face driving under the influence charges needs to make sure they have the best legal representation possible. A good lawyer will have experience and the ability to dedicate enough time to your case to mount an effective defense. Many people don’t have a regular attorney. They turn to online searches or friends and family after something’s happened. Here are a few tips on what to look for when choosing a DWI lawyer.

Ask Some Discovery Questions

Remember that on your first contact with a lawyer, it’s pretty much a two-way interview to see if things will be a good fit. You are feeling out the attorney, and they are wondering how you will be as a client. It’s important to find out how many years he or she has been in practice and how much experience they have with DUI cases. Make sure they have legal malpractice insurance, and find out what all of the costs of hiring them will be.

The Legal Team

Even though someone’s face may be on a commercial or print advertisement, it doesn’t mean they will be the one with you in court. Many law offices have a team of DWI lawyers that take on cases. Make sure whoever you first speak with explains who will represent you and how you will work with them. You need to have confidence with the actual person in court with you, not just the face of the firm.

How Do They Feel About Your Case?

You want to hire a DWI attorney that’s realistic and honest but confident in your case. Ask them about whether they’ve tried any cases similar to yours in the past. What was the outcome? There’s a fine line when finding a lawyer who’s not overconfident, but still instills confidence in their clients. You want to hire someone you feel comfortable placing your trust in.

Don’t leave any questions unanswered. Some people are afraid to ask a lot of questions because they feel like they are imposing or may appear ignorant. However, there’s too much at stake with DWI charges to hesitate. DWI lawyers ask and answer questions for a living, so don’t leave anything on the shelf when you’re interviewing potential legal counsel. Stephen T. Bowling & Associates is one of the premier DWI and criminal defense firms in Texas. Contact us today to speak about your case and how we can help represent you.

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