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Getting pulled over and charged with driving under the influence is a stressful experience. People are worried about jail time, fines, and if they can keep driving. One of the less evident effects of DWI arrests is their impact on insurance rates. Auto insurance rates after DWI charges can increase significantly. Some insurance companies may even refuse service to people who have DWIs on their record. More expensive auto insurance rates are another reason people should be aggressive in fighting DWI charges with a good legal team.

Insurance Points After DWI

Insurance providers assign points to drivers when they make mistakes on the road. More points indicate a higher insurance risk to auto insurance companies. How many points a driver has determines auto insurance after DWI. A DWI conviction typically means 12 insurance points. That many points can increase premiums by up to 300%. DWI convictions will also eliminate any safe-driver discount drivers may have been earning prior to their arrest. Parents’ insurance costs also increase if the driver who received the DWI is younger and still listed on their parent’s insurance policy.

Drivers with DWI convictions will find it very hard to find reasonable insurance quotes. This comes on top of other civil and legal penalties drivers face. Calling through a list of auto insurance companies to try and find one willing to insure a driver convicted of DWI isn’t fun. DWIs stay on driving records for a number of years. The length of time varies from state to state, but it usually lasts for three to seven years. Higher auto insurance rates after DWIs can last that long as well.

Importance of DWI Legal Defense

The potential increase in auto insurance costs, as well as the civil and legal liabilities involved in DWI cases, underscore the importance of a good legal defense. Capable lawyers can work with drivers to prevent consequences from the government and insurance companies from ruining your life. Some drivers feel enormous pressure from police officers when facing DWI charges. It’s important to contact a DWI defense attorney as soon as possible so that you know your rights and can mount an effective defense.

Stephen Bowling & Associates specializes in defending clients against DWI charges across Texas. We work with clients to prevent years of negative impacts from a charge that could have been avoided. Contact us today to speak with us about your rights if you’re facing DWI charges.

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