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Most people inadvertently make their lives more difficult when the police are questioning them. Officers use the years of training they receive to apply emotional pressure and manipulate people into compliance. They don’t have evil intentions; they’re doing their job. In addition, they know the more information they can get from you, the more it will help their case in court. As a result, the actions people take when police detain them for drug possession have a huge impact on the eventual legal outcome. Lawyers in Austin who fight for clients facing drug possession charges can help prepare you with what you need to do. Here are some tips on what to do if you are pulled over and charged with drug possession.

Understanding Probable Cause

First of all, police need probable cause to pull someone over. Either a driver is going too fast, or they’re driving erratically. They may make some traffic violation, like running a red light. Alternatively, something might be wrong with their car that gives an officer a reason to conduct a stop. No one gets pulled over for suspicion of drug possession. Usually, the fact that a driver or someone in the car is in possession of drugs is realized in two ways. First, the police officer detects the presence of drugs because of a smell or the actions of someone in the car. Second, the driver or passenger tells the officer that drugs are in the car. Lawyers in Austin will tell you that even though well-intentioned people think talking to police will help, it only hurts.

Immediately Ask for One of Your Lawyers in Austin

Once you know that you are under arrest, you should immediately state that you want to speak to your lawyer. Lawyers in Austin know procedures and laws better than you, so they are better able to hold police officers to account. They can guide you on what to say and what not to say. It’s important that you don’t talk to police officers without advice from a lawyer. Do not become combative with police officers, but stay firm and state over and over again that you have a lawyer in Austin who will be handling your case. Do not confirm or deny possession of illegal drugs or anything else the police officer tries to ask you.

Stephen Bowling & Associates has a team of lawyers in Austin who are experts in their field. We deal with drug possession arrests and charges on a regular basis and work with clients to fight improper arrests. If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with illegal drug possession, call us today.


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