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Emotions run high when domestic violence cases make their way through the courts. The lasting trauma, as well as concern for the safety of all involved, is always a factor. In addition, legal authorities take the utmost care to unravel what is almost always a complicated situation. It can be hard to get to the bottom of what actually happened, and who is at fault. When looking for a lawyer, Austin, TX residents need to find a firm that specializes in domestic violence and disputes. This helps ensure they will exercise every possible option available to them in their case. Here is a general breakdown of what to expect in domestic violence court.

Here’s How the Process Starts

Generally, a domestic violence case is started when the accuser (complainant) files a petition for protection. The idea is that the victim of domestic violence fears for their safety and seeks legal protection from further harm. The court will either deny or grant the order and schedule a hearing for the case. To get through the hearing successfully, the accuser needs to show that they are in imminent danger and are a domestic violence victim.

The rules that apply to domestic violence cases are standard. A good lawyer in Austin, TX, can help guide clients through the process. Hearsay rules apply, meaning only evidence-based information can be admissible by both parties. No rumors or blind accusations are allowed. Exceptions to hearsay exist for young children.

How a Good Lawyer in Austin, TX Can Help the Outcome

The domestic violence hearing can take several hours to complete. Occasionally, the hearing goes on for multiple days. After all the evidence is heard, the court will decide if a permanent injunction is needed to keep the accuser and the accused separated. Usually, this means the defendant will have to maintain a certain distance from the accuser and can’t contact them further. The penalty for disobeying or violating an injunction is serious for the accused. They can face significant criminal penalties that could put them in jail.

Stephen Bowling & Associates’s team of lawyers in Austin, TX specialize in helping clients in domestic violence cases. We know how to use the court system to get the best outcome for your case and reach the best result for you and your family. If you or a loved one needs help with domestic violence, contact our team today.

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