Austin DWI second Austin DWI 2nd lawyer Austin DWI-2nd attorney Austin DWI second attorney Austin DWI second lawyer Austin DWI felony Austin DWI child passenger Austin felony dwindling lawyer Austin DWI first underage dui college student DWI Austin DWI drugs Austin DWI weed Austin DWI pot Austin DWI Marijuana Austin DWI while on drugs Austin DWI Lawyer Austin DWI Attorney Best Austin DWI Lawyer Best Austin DWI Attorney Travis County DWI Lawyer Travis County DWI Attorney DWI jail release Austin DWI jail release best criminal defense lawyer AustinBeing arrested for Driving While Intoxicated can be frightening.  Most Texas residents who are charged with a DWI are normal, upstanding, law-abiding citizens. All it takes is a momentary lapse in judgment or an unfortunate mistake for good people to find themselves being treated as criminals. If convicted of a DWI, individuals can face a range of serious consequences, including a criminal record that may impact them for life. At Stephen T Bowling & Associates we practice exclusively as DWI & Criminal Defense Lawyers. Whether you have been charged with a first offense DWI or are facing a felony charge, we will fight to mitigate the negative consequences, with our extensive law enforcement experience and detailed knowledge of the science behind a DWI arrest, we have had DWI charges of all levels dismissed. Here are the steps you need to take to get the process rolling.

Step One: Contact Stephen T Bowling & Associates

Following a DWI arrest, contact us right away at (512) 599-9000. We are available nights and weekends. We have had instances where a DWI charge was dismissed after we obtained evidence that would have otherwise been lost if we wouldn’t have sought it out immediately. These vary based on the case but a few we have seen are obtaining security camera footage or photos of the arrest area. We will schedule a free consultation where we explain the process and potential defenses to your DWI case. We will answer all your questions, such as: Is your license suspended immediately after a DWI arrest, What happens when you refuse a breathalyzer, and how much does a DWI cost? Our hope is that this will take away some of the stress of the unknown. You do have options that may result in a dismissal or a lighter penalty. We treat our position as DWI lawyers as a passion rather than a job. As such, we are happy to share our knowledge and tips to anyone going through this stressful time.

Step Two: Arrange a DMV Hearing

In Texas, if you are arrested for driving while intoxicated, your driver’s license will be automatically suspended unless an Administrative License Revocation hearing is requested. In order to appeal the suspension, you will need to arrange a hearing with the Department of Public Safety. This hearing is a civil case that is not connected to the criminal case in any way other than the evidence stems from the same event. We utilize this hearing to gather evidence that may help the criminal case. In fact, we’ve had cases dismissed on the criminal side based on testimony the officer provided during this hearing. This hearing must be requested within 15 days of the day you received notice. Once our team is acting as your Austin DWI Lawyer we will request this hearing on your behalf. All motions and dates pertaining to the license will be uploaded into the client portal in the Client Center so you are always up to date on the status. We strive to ensure you are able to drive to and from work and around Texas without issue.

Step Three: Fight the DWI Charges

You are innocent until proven guilty. It may not feel that way based on bond conditions and the hassle that comes with having a pending criminal charge. The standard for an officer to arrest a person is far different than the standard for the state to convict that person. This means that although you were arrested it does not necessarily have to lead to a conviction. Despite the facts surrounding the arrest we will attack the charges with vigor on your behalf. We do this by challenging the methods and procedures used to arrest you and the science of the DWI breath or DWI blood test. We will make a determined effort to show that there is enough reasonable doubt to have the charges dismissed or establish other reasons why a conviction may not serve the best interests of justice will work tirelessly on your defense. No matter the facts, the team at Stephen T Bowling & Associates will work tirelessly as your DWI Lawyers to defend your case.

Step Four: Minimize the damage

If you are found guilty of a criminal offense, you will experience both mental and physical hardship. This can be in the form of serving jail time, dealing with probation, or dealing with a license suspension and surcharges. A DWI on your criminal record can preclude you from many employment opportunities and can permanently affect your reputation. In fact, a DWI in Texas can never be expunged, although it may be sealed. In some circumstances you may even be deported for a DWI conviction. As your Texas DWI Lawyers, we work diligently to prevent you from being convicted. The primary goal is to get a result in your case that will minimize the damage caused by a potential conviction. We will pursue your case until we are convinced that you have received a fair outcome, defending you all the way through a trial if necessary. Hard work and determination is what you can expect from our team. The main thought to keep in mind is no matter the outcome your life is not over.

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We did the jail release for this gentleman and were able to get his case dismissed.

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