Man with Alcohol could receive DWI

If you were just charged with a DWI in Austin, you might be wondering what to do next. DWI charges have serious penalties, but you can potentially lessen the damages by working with an experienced lawyer.  Here are four things you should consider doing after receiving a DWI penalty.

Know the Consequences of a DWI in Austin

The consequences for a first-offense DWI is a license suspension, potential jail time, and a hefty monetary fine. Your license could be suspended for up to two years, you could spend anywhere from 3-180 days in jail, and may pay a fine of up to $2,000. The more severe your DWI circumstances, the higher the penalties. Hiring a lawyer is a great first step to try and mitigate the consequences.

Consult a Lawyer Immediately

DWI laws are complex and vary between counties in Texas. Receiving a DWI in Austin might bring different penalties than in Houston. Without a lawyer, you are navigating a tough legal system and risk costly mistakes. Hiring a lawyer is helpful when attempting to reduce DWI consequences. Your lawyer can negotiate a plea bargain or deal. Sometimes, negotiating with the prosecutor can decrease the severity of the charge, which reduces the consequences and blemish on your record.

If You Get a DWI in Austin, You Have Options

A DWI charge doesn’t have to derail your entire life. Sentencing depends heavily on your situation. You have options for potentially reducing the charge, especially if it’s your first offense.  The most important thing is to act quickly on your behalf.  For example, you can mitigate or possibly prevent a driver’s license suspension by requesting an administrative license revocation hearing within 15 days of your offense. Hiring an experienced DWI lawyer is crucial for walking you through these steps to potentially reduce the penalties.

Take a Deep Breath

Receiving a DWI is a serious problem, but your life is not over. Talk with your loved ones about your options. Hiring experienced representation is helpful in navigating how to deal with a DWI charge. Stewing over mistakes can’t change the past, but having a positive attitude and compromising with your team is a good place to start.

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