A DWI charge means a loss of license. At Stephen Bowling, we will help clients with DWIs in Austin to get charges downgraded.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is a charge that comes with very serious penalties. Depending on various factors, you could receive a misdemeanor or felony charge. Regardless of the level of the charge, drivers will always have their license suspended for some amount of time in addition to paying fines and spending time in jail. A DWI can be a very scary charge to face. Fortunately, the attorneys at Stephen Bowling defend many clients who receive DWIs in Austin. We will try to get your charges downgraded or dismissed if we can. Read on to learn more about how a suspended driver’s license can impact your life.

DWIs in Austin Can Impact Your Job

First and foremost, a suspended license will impact your job. Some live within walking distance of their work, but the vast majority commute to work in their cars. Sometimes finding public transportation is difficult. For example, if you work the night shift, it will probably be near impossible to find a bus running at that hour. Services like Uber and Lyft may be able to help, but these are expensive and add up over time. In addition, those who have to drive for their job are even more significantly impacted. This includes bus drivers, cab drivers, and truckers. DWIs in Austin will cause a negative job impact.

Impact on Family Life

Losing a driver’s license also greatly affects family life. In addition to your family having to cope with the fact you got a DWI and probably spent some time in jail, now you don’t have a license. No more picking kids up from school, taking them to soccer, or driving them to a friend’s house. You must now depend on others to do simple family tasks.

Impact on Daily Activities

The loss of a driver’s license greatly impacts daily activities. Want to go to the gym? Have a doctor’s appointment? Want to grab a morning coffee at Starbucks? All of these things require a car. DWI clients often realize how much they depend on their car and that losing their license really impacts daily activities.

Increased Expenses Due to DWIs in Austin

Last but not least, getting a DWI increases expenses. Clients find themselves paying for things like Ubers and Lyfts because not all places have public transportation, and it can be very unreliable.

DWIs in Austin are a crime that leads to serious consequences, including the suspension of a driver’s license. Not having a license can impact your life in many different ways. If you have received a DWI charge in Austin, contact Stephen Bowling right away. Our team has a lot of experience defending DWI clients and will work hard to get your charges downgraded or dismissed.

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