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If you or a family member is facing criminal or DWI charges or needs to be released from jail in Austin, Georgetown, or San Marcos, Texas call the DWI Man. As an Austin criminal justice lawyer, the DWI Man has a conveniently located local office where our experienced legal team will help you understand your options. We’re here to assist you in handling your next steps.

What Does a Criminal Justice Lawyer Do?

A criminal justice lawyer in Austin legally represents a person accused of a crime. They thoroughly investigate police procedures and methods at the time of arrest and may interview any witnesses who have information on a case. They speak on behalf of their clients in court, make sure to maintain their rights, and work to protect them from charges filed against them.

If you have a criminal offense, such as DWI, hanging over you, your criminal justice lawyer will take your side and work to prove your innocence and defend your freedom. They will help you understand your rights, work to protect them, and try to minimize the negative outcome of a criminal charge.

A reputable criminal justice lawyer, Austin-based and representing a large surrounding area will fight for you and your family. 

What Makes a Good Criminal Justice Lawyer?

The best criminal defense lawyers are knowledgeable, experienced, and highly skilled. Years of law school and hands-on-experience give a good lawyer the credibility to operate within the legal system to gain justice for their clients.

In the complicated judicial system, a good lawyer will build your defense and work tirelessly to keep you from getting charged, hit with a hefty fine, or worse, incarcerated. An experienced attorney will also save you from further incriminating yourself by saying the wrong thing or taking some type of action that the prosecution might see as further evidence of guilt.

A good criminal justice lawyer can put your mind at ease.  

When Should I Call a Criminal Justice Lawyer?

If you or a family member have DWI charges or another criminal offense in Austin, Texas, call a criminal justice lawyer immediately. You only have 15 days to request a DMV hearing to plead your case. If you miss the deadline, your driver’s license will automatically be suspended 40 days after you receive the notice of suspension.   

The sooner you call an Austin criminal justice attorney, the quicker they can start working on your case to defend your innocence. You want to partner with someone who has a reputation for winning cases and who will execute your defense fearlessly. The DWI Man can help you 24/7. We are available nights and weekends to take your phone calls and will keep you up to date on all deadlines and proceedings. 

What Happens When I Call a Criminal Justice Lawyer?

When a law officer arrests you for DWI, you risk having your driver’s license suspended. You must request a hearing with the Department of Public Safety to appeal this suspension.

A criminal justice lawyer in Austin will gather evidence against the case and arrange this hearing for you. Your lawyer will represent you at the hearing and protect your rights.  The goal is to have your case dismissed, or the charges lessened so that you can get on with your life and continue driving.  

How Do I Know Rates Are Affordable?

According to the American Bar Association, lawyers are ethically obligated to charge reasonable and not excessive fees. Many lawyers provide an initial no-cost consultation to determine whether they can indeed handle your case. At this time, the attorney should estimate how much the total case will cost and lay out the method used to charge for the work. Depending on the complexity of your case, you may pay either a flat fee or an hourly rate.

Before deciding if a partnership is a good fit, make sure you understand the different fee structures. If the criminal defense attorney offers a reasonable payment plan, you can probably rest assured that you can afford it. 

Don’t Wait to Begin Preparing a Defense

A conviction for a criminal offense can have a negative impact on your entire life. Your job, relationships, freedom, and future are all at stake. When your driving record becomes tarnished, it can lead to higher insurance rates, difficulty getting around, and a negative stigma. In an effort to not lose your ability to drive a vehicle, own a firearm, retain your American citizenship if you are naturalized or have a green card, or have custody of your children, you need to act fast.

To avoid conviction, it is best not to consider a do-it-yourself approach. Even if you feel familiar with laws and the judicial system, you need the advice of someone who has the knowledge and experience needed to win cases. You need the help of DWI Man.

Call DWI Man  

The experienced team at DWI Man will help you navigate the complexities of the court system. Having represented hundreds of clients over the years, we have an excellent track record for obtaining case dismissals and expungements. 

We offer:

  • Free consultations/case evaluation
  • Transparent/flat fees
  • Monthly payment plans

With offices in Austin, Georgetown, and San Marcos, Texas, DWI Man has you covered in Travis, Williamson, and Hays counties. Our highly trained staff is prepared to begin working on your case immediately to get you or a loved one out of jail or to expertly take on your case.

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