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Many people bring legal trouble upon themselves during a DWI stop simply because they don’t know their rights. A good lawyer will be a great help after you’ve been arrested for a DWI in Texas, but they can also save you a lot of trouble by helping you know what to say and do if pulled over. It should be stated that driving under the influence over legal limits is a serious offense that endangers the driver, anyone in the car, and other drivers. It’s important to contact your attorney as soon as you can if you are stopped and suspected of drunk driving.

What to Do

Most drivers have been pulled over before. Even being pulled over for a minor traffic offense can be a nerve-wracking experience. We have been conditioned to comply with order from law enforcement officers, even if it is within our rights to refuse. The stakes are higher when interacting with police officers when they suspect you of driving drunk. Officers will often ask drivers to complete a series of tests to help determine sobriety. They may also ask to search the car. It’s important for drivers to know that they cannot search your car without your permission, or if there’s no probable cause of you driving intoxicated.

One of the first things an officer might ask is whether you have had anything to drink. It’s important both to not lie to a police officer, but also not to freely offer up incriminating information. The best option for DWIs in Texas is to not answer at all. Instead, simply tell the officer that you would like to contact your lawyer. They will keep pushing for information, but drivers should stay strong and repeat their request for legal representation. You are legally required to disclose your legal name, but not much beyond that.

What Mistakes to Avoid

During a DWI stop, never take a field sobriety test when you are unsure whether you’ll pass. It is within a driver’s legal rights to decline a field sobriety test. The officer may then ask you to take a blood alcohol test, but drivers can also decline that as well. The police, if intent on determining blood alcohol levels, can obtain a warrant and either take the driver to a designated location for the test, or have a qualified person travel to the scene to administer the test.

Never lie to officers over a DUI in Texas. Some drivers think if they give a portion of the truth, they will get off easier. Police officers are trained in sensing deception and will likely continue to aggressively question the driver and then charge them with lying after the fact.

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