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Texas laws allow the use of bail bonds in many situations. No one wants to be stuck in jail if they don’t need to be, but many defendants don’t understand the complex world of bail bonds. If you are new to the world of bail bonds and live in Texas, then this article is for you.

Bail Basics in Texas

If someone is arrested for a criminal offense, paying bail allows that person (also known as the defendant) to be released from jail until trial. From the court’s point of view, the bail is a sum of money to help ensure they will come back for trial. While some might see paying bail as a “get out of jail free” card, coming up with bail money can be harder than it seems. This is where bail bonds come in. Bail bondsmen own businesses that lend money to defendants to post bail and be released from jail.

How Much Money?

States vary on laws regarding bail, including corresponding bail amounts to the severity of crimes convicted. For example, a minor theft bail amount might be around $2000, whereas a DWI felony might post for $10000. The corresponding bail values are defined as a bail schedule. In Texas, bail amounts for defendants are also dependent on other factors. These include the defendant’s criminal history, income and assets, reputation in the community, and risk of fleeing the area. Another factor in determining bail depends on the risk the defendant poses to the safety of others in the community.

Types of Bail Bonds

Most people don’t have thousands of dollars lying around, so bail bond companies provide loans to post bail. In return, individuals must pay interest during repayment or provide collateral to cover the bond cost. This is to ensure the bail bond company doesn’t lose money if the defendant doesn’t show up in court.  In minor offenses and citations, the court will release someone from custody or jail on a “personal recognizance” bond. These occur when a defendant is cited and released on the condition that they reappear in court on a later date and comply with any other conditions.  These types of bonds are issued after an initial bond hearing, which takes place quickly after an arrest and typically doesn’t require bail bond usage.

Bail bonds might seem confusing at first, but the businesses run like a bank and loan system. If you need lawyers to work with you on securing bail bonds, DWI Man has you covered. Our Austin, Texas, team is ready to help. Contact us now for your free consultation.

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