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You might think your life is over if you’re arrested on criminal charges. However, hiring a criminal defense attorney can increase your chances of reducing penalties.  Smaller fines, shorter jail sentences, and quicker jail release in Austin are just a few of the opportunities that could become available. Read on to learn about three common penalty reductions that can occur with criminal charges.

DUI and Alcohol-Related Charges

DUI and alcohol-related charges are two examples of potential reductions. Criminal defense attorneys can assist you in negotiating a plea bargain. Plea bargains can result in a charge or sentence reduction. In some sentence reductions, the defendant pleads guilty to the charge.  In return, the defendant receives a shorter sentence or penalty. This can also shorten jail release time in Austin. One advantage of a plea bargain is no waiting time to see what a judge will rule. With DUI charge reduction, the criminal defense lawyer and prosecutor discuss a compromise – typically a lesser charge when the defendant pleads guilty. The lower charges have reduced penalties.

Marijuana Possession, Fines, and Jail Release in Austin

Marijuana possession is the most https://www.texascjc.org/reduce-penalty-low-level-marijuana-possession-class-c-misdemeanor-or-civil-penalty common drug charge in Texas. Some drug-related charges can be reduced, depending on your history and situation. Currently, if you are arrested and charged with possession of up to two ounces of marijuana, you are looking at jail time and a $2,000 fine. Working with a criminal defense lawyer can increase your chances of reducing the penalties or charges. You also could reduce jail release time. Sometimes the penalty reduction moves the charge to a Class-C misdemeanor, which only has a fine, no jail time. Another compromise could reduce the crime to a civil violation. Civil violations do not leave a criminal mark on your record. Ultimately, there is no guarantee of reducing penalties. However, hiring a criminal defense lawyer is a good place to start.


Theft-related criminal charges can be reduced. This is especially true if your evidence creates reasonable doubt. Theft charges can involve incarceration, hefty fines, and a severe dent on your criminal record. Additionally, working with an attorney increases your chances of reducing theft charges. This decreases the impact on your record. You can also get quicker jail release in Austin or a shortened sentence because of a reduced charge.  Furthermore, criminal defense lawyers can use pre-trial negotiations or a plea bargain to attempt reducing the penalties.

Reduced Charges and Jail Release in Austin

Hiring a criminal defense attorney can help you reduce penalties, especially with jail release in Austin. The lawyers at Stephen Bowling & Associates have served the Austin, Texas area for years in helping defendants bargain for lighter criminal charges. Because of this, if you or someone you know is facing criminal charges and needs advice, call Stephen Bowling & Associates. Visit our website or give us a call today.

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