How to Get Out
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Travis County Jail Release

How to Get Out of Jail FAST in Travis Co.

If you’ve been arrested in Travis County, getting out of jail quickly is likely the first thing on your mind. In many cases, Travis County jail release is possible with the help of a local criminal defense attorney, who can help you post an immediate bond.

Travis County Jail Release

To get out of jail fast, you’ll need to secure a personal bond or be released on your own “Own Recognizance”. We can often make that happen immediately.

Getting out of jail fast starts with your arrest. If the situation you are in is going to land you in jail, your best bet is to minimize frustrating the police, especially the arresting officer. You can make your situation worse and the Travis County Jail Release process take much longer than necessary by doing making the officer angry.

You want the police officer to file the necessary paperwork quickly.

Here’s why this is important: the arresting officer has to file what is called the “probable cause affidavit” prior to any release being possible. After this is filed, next steps can be taken to help you obtain a Travis County Jail Release.
The officer has 24 hours to submit the affidavit on misdemeanor charges and 48 hours to file for felony charges. Most often, an officer will file the paperwork quickly in order to move it off his to-do list, but if you frustrate the officer during or after the arrest, it’s not uncommon for an officer to file the paperwork at the end of the deadline in order to prevent you from being able to get released sooner.

Be respectful. Be courteous to the officers on scene. Once you are in jail, call a family member or friend — or call us directly — to get help with your Travis County Jail Release.

We are able to accept collect calls, so in order to expedite the process, you can easily call our offices 24×7 for immediate assistance. We have attorneys standing by to assist potential clients at any time of the day.

Benefits of Travis County Jail Release

There are several key reasons to hire an attorney to help you:

It’s faster. You’ll get out of jail faster with the help of an attorney. By allowing a legal team to manage the process, including the Pretrial Services, you’ll secure the personal bond you need sooner, often in hours rather than days.

You also don’t need to worry about a bail bondsman when you get a personal bond. A bondsman will require you to pay at least 10 percent of the bond amount. You’ll need to check in with them on a routine basis until you are cleared of the charges. You don’t get any money back from them after the case, either, no matter the outcome of the case.

You’re not going to have to rely on a family member to put up thousands of dollars to secure your Travis County jail release. A personal bond requires no upfront money to be paid and you still get out of jail.

The fee paid to your attorney for your jail release service is then applied towards the fee that you pay that attorney for the legal representation that they provide you. That means you’re getting more help for that investment.

What Should You Do Now?

If you or a loved one has been arrested, contact your attorney to allow your team to help you to secure a personal bond. That allows you to get out of Travis County jail. Your attorney can then help you to make the right decisions about how to move forward legally.

We can help get you or your loved one out of jail FAST. Contact us today. Anytime. 24×7.

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