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Austin Jail Release Process

Once we secure your Austin Jail Release, any fee that was paid to our firm to secure your release is applied toward your initial retainer payment for representation.
If you’re arrested, getting released from detention is the priority. No one wants to sit in a cell longer than they have to. If you’ve been arrested for possession, driving under the influence, or a similar crime, you should be granted a phone call. That call should go to your attorney, who can immediately help you with jail release services.

A lawyer can also help with penalty reductions. It is best to hire an attorney with extensive experience and relationships with the courts, since they’ll work with judges to secure your release and can start working on preparing your defense. Read on to learn more about the jail release process and why a lawyer can get you out faster.

Inmate Reporting System

If a loved one is arrested, the first step is to figure out which jail they’ve been taken to. Fortunately, Travis County has an Inmate Population Reporting System so that family members and friends can check to see if their loved one is at the Travis County Jail in downtown Austin. Once you know where they are located, it is time to start learning about jail release in Austin.

To verify if your friend or loved one is in the Travis County Jail (in downtown Austin, Texas) you can check here: Travis County Sheriff Inmate Population Reporting System

If they are in custody we can speed up the release!

Pre-trial Investigations and Bond

Typically, getting out of jail after an arrest requires posting bail or bond. Bail refers to an amount of money a defendant must pay to get out of jail. The judge is the person who will set the bond after a release.

Next comes the pretrial investigations. During pretrial investigations, information will be gathered about the person who was arrested. This includes background checks and reference calls.

At Stephen Bowling, we attend these investigations and get a bond package to interview the person who has been arrested.

The charge for us expediting a bond on an Austin DWI Jail Release is typically $500 per bond for a misdemeanor and Felony bonds vary. Keep in mind this fee is applied toward the initial retainer payment to secure our services. Additionally, the county charges a minimal fee for bond processing that is due after release. This fee is $40 if no Interlock device or other monitoring device is required. If a monitoring device is required it is 3% of the bond amount.

The fee for a jail release can be paid through this Make a Payment link.

Bond Approval

After the background check is completed, the judge will either approve or deny the bond. Also, the judge will be more likely to approve the bond if it is presented by an attorney. Once the bond is approved, it will be taken to the jail to be processed, and the arrestee will be released. This can take anywhere from 2-4 hours after the bond is received. Without the help of an attorney, this process takes a lot longer. Also, the arrestee is placed in a long line of all the other inmates who need bond approval, so the help of an attorney can help reduce process time.

In some cases, a bondsman is contacted for the bail out process, and to guarantee that the person will appear in court on their scheduled court date.

Once the bond is set you can see the pending charges and the amount of the bond with a Travis County Inmate Search.

Bond Payment Options

Paying a bail bondsman can be a large financial burden, and it’s important to know that it’s not the only option. If an attorney has significant experience in a court system, they can work with judges to secure a client on jail release.

When working on jail release, Travis County lawyers argue before a judge that a personal bond is set with a family member. They are then accountable for whether the arrested individual appears in court. It’s a much cheaper option than working with a bail bondsman, and you keep the issue in the family.

Depending on the circumstances of the case, a judge may not approve a personal bond from a family member. In that case, a good attorney will argue for a cash deposit bond.

Attorneys Have A Greater Influence With The Courts

For fast jail release, Travis County courts can accept cash deposits. Essentially, the legal system holds the cash deposit and returns the money when the individual appears in court. If he or she does not appear, then they keep the money.

Normal people who work with bail bonds cannot argue for cash deposits or personal bonds. A good attorney, though, will have a relationship with the courts and can advocate for you or a loved one. While attorneys are not required to be present when someone is released from jail, hiring a lawyer immediately can help speed up the process.

Once released, the court will ask you to return for a scheduled trial to hear your case, and this is where hiring a lawyer is necessary.

If you have been arrested…

Your FREEDOM is potentially at stake. A conviction can have a huge impact on your job, relationships, and your future. You need to act fast.

Seeking Out Counsel in Austin

Defendants who end up in jail are legally entitled to seek counsel. This means that these individuals can seek the advice of their lawyer. Additionally, you can request to have an attorney present if you’re being questioned about charges or an alleged crime.

In many cases, hiring an attorney when you are arrested or charged with a crime can help your chances of getting a reduced sentence or having the charges mitigated.

Meeting Conditions After Jail Release

Sometimes, a defendant must agree to meet certain conditions until their trial to be released from jail. For example, if someone posts bail and is released, they still may be on house arrest until their trial. For DWI (driving while intoxicated) charges, your license may be suspended until your trial, or even longer. Having a lawyer on your side from the beginning increases your chances of having these conditions reduced or, better yet, dropped.

Hiring a Lawyer in Austin who will Advocate for You

When you look for a lawyer to help with jail release and with a trial in Austin, you want a firm with experience and an extensive track record of getting clients out of prison quickly. They’ll have relationships with judges and clerks at the court, so they’re likely able to push things through more efficiently. They’ll also be able to give you some realistic expectations about what to expect in terms of timelines.

Having a lawyer on your side can sometimes decrease sentences and penalties, especially in drug- or alcohol-related crimes. With their help, you’ll soon be on your way to getting out and reuniting with loved ones. Then, you’ll get to work gathering evidence for your defense.

If you need advice on jail release processes or upcoming trials, then the team at Stephen Bowling has the experts you can trust.

Our lawyers have been serving the Austin area for decades. Whether you were arrested for a first-time DWI, have multiple drug charges, or need a criminal defense expert, our 24/7 services are available. If you are interested in a free consultation, you can request one on our website or by calling 512-599-9000.

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