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It’s easy to understand why people get nervous around police officers. They carry guns. The public knows to respect their authority. Even getting pulled over for running a red light gets people jittery and anxious. Adrenaline starts pumping, and emotions can get the best of us. Most of the time, that means a little shaky voice or fast-talking. However, emotional spikes can also have larger consequences if things go poorly. Police arrest people when they don’t comply. Resisting arrest can make a minor situation much more serious. Lawyers in Austin advise clients that refusing to obey commands or orders from police officers can result in resisting arrest charges. Let’s look at resisting arrest and why it happens.

When Police Encounters Go Wrong

Police officers face a number of safety threats on a regular basis. When they encounter a civilian, they don’t know what their intentions are. The person they are stopping for a minor traffic violation could be wanted for a serious crime. They have to approach every situation with the utmost caution. Sometimes, as a result of miscommunication or because the officers suspect something, they ask people to step out of the car. They can also temporarily detain people while conducting an investigation. Many people get confused about why they are being detained. They may refuse to comply with a police order, or physically resist. That’s when things go wrong, and police meet perceived resistance with an escalation in force. Lawyers in Austin frequently deal with clients who are charged with resisting arrest when it could have been avoided.

Lawyers in Austin Can Tell You What to Do

Knowing your rights is the most important thing to remember in police encounters. Remember, even police officers lose focus in emotionally charged situations. The best thing you can do is to comply with lawful orders. Tell the officer you are following orders and do not resist. Contact a lawyer in Austin as soon as possible so that a recent record of events can be taken down. Do not offer up any information to the police officer beyond what is minimally required.

Stephen Bowling & Associates deals with clients facing resisting arrest charges on a regular basis. Our team of lawyers knows how to fight these charges and can hold police accountable for any procedural errors involved in your case. Contact us today for help.

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