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When you’re checking out lawyers, Austin, Texas, has plenty. Still, you want to make sure you’ve got someone who knows all sides of the law. For example, does your lawyer know how drug charges can impact your driver’s license? The DWI Man does. In fact, our entire team knows the ins and outs of the law. If you’re worried about how drug charges can change your ability to carry a license, here’s what you need to know.


Keep in mind that Texas law has lots of variables. We could write page after page about the different factors that impact potential drug charges. It depends on the type of drugs, the amount of drugs in the person’s system, whether or not they tried to conceal the drugs, and the way that they drove while under the influence. The biggest theme, though, is that Texas is notoriously tough when it comes to DUIs and drug charges.  For those who need a lawyer, Austin, Texas residents should look for someone who is both determined and smart.

Loss of License

Sometimes, a person’s license gets suspended altogether. How long can a license be suspended? Again, it depends on the charges. A first offense will result in a shorter suspension than a third or fourth, for instance. A license suspension can last for as few as 180 days or as many as two years. In some cases, convicted individuals can reduce their sentences by participating in a treatment program.

Fees to Retain Lawyers in Austin, Texas

After a DUI or DWI charge, a person may have to pay huge fees (tens of thousands of dollars) to keep their licenses once they get reinstated. Let’s say, for example that a convicted individual loses their license for one year. They’ll get their license back after the year is up, but they could lose that license again if they can’t pay for the additional fines. When looking for lawyers, Austin, Texas, residents need to find someone who understands tough financial situations.

Ignition Interlock

This one pertains specifically to DWI charges. If a person is charged with two or more DWIs within five years in Texas, they cannot drive at all without an ignition interlock device. This device attaches to the ignition, and it works like a breathalyzer. A car with an ignition interlock will not start until the driver provides a clean breath sample.

Lawyers, Austin, Texas

Keep in mind that drug charges can impact more than just your driver’s license. You might face jail time and financial consequences, too. Thankfully, when you need lawyers, Austin, Texas, has you covered with the DWI Man. If you need advice from a lawyer, this Austin team is ready to help. Contact us now for your free consultation.

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