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Domestic violence cases are never simple. They almost always involve multiple people with different versions of events. The implications of domestic violence impact personal safety, the welfare of children, and the cohesiveness of extended families. Because those implications are so serious, a lot of it goes unreported. It typically takes abused victims around seven attempts to leave their abuser. As such, law enforcement knows no domestic violence situation is simple. However, police are trained to deal with abuse calls. In some places, domestic violence cases have the highest volume of emergency calls. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect when police get involved in a domestic violence case.

Domestic Violence Calls are High Priority

Police respond quickly to domestic violence calls. Violence combined with emotional ties between lovers, spouses, partners, or even children can escalate. Most calls are treated as potentially life-threatening. Police will continue to respond to calls even if the caller cancels their request. After all, they know that sometimes spouses or other family members live under the threat of what life will be like after the police leave. Typically, multiple police officers collect evidence, handle angry people, and collect statements.

On the Scene

Police have learned to separate involved parties to cool the situation. If the parties can still see each other, they often continue to argue, assault each other, or even threaten each other. In addition, abused spouses are less likely to tell officers the truth about what happened. Police will take pictures of victims and collect any other evidence from the scene. They’ll look for and take statements from witnesses in the area. While there, police will also assess the safety of the abused individual. Many times, the people who report domestic violence regret their decision because they fear further abuse. They feel that their abuser will be even angrier and abuse them more. If there is enough evidence of an assault, police often have to adhere to a mandatory arrest policy. This means the abuser, with enough evidence, will be taken into custody for the protection of any victims.

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