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If you are arrested for a crime or a driving violation, you need to get legal help as soon as possible. A good lawyer will help you take the right steps to avoid incriminating yourself. They also explain the process of what’s going on so you know what to expect. The legal system can be confusing and fraught with missteps. A qualified lawyer in Austin can be your guide to make sure any penalties you face are minimal. That can mean less money you’ll have to pay in penalties and less jail time, if that’s what you’re looking at. Here is how a criminal defense attorney in Austin will work with you to reduce legal penalties. 

They Know the System In and Out

People who fare best in the American legal system are often those who can mount the best legal defense. It’s the lawyers who know the system in and out who find ways to reduce client exposure and reduce penalties. The best criminal defense attorney in Austin will know the legal requirements for producing evidence, witness testimony, and legal statutes to help you avoid severe penalties in your case. They can plan out a legal strategy and quickly shift course when and if they run into any roadblocks. 

A Criminal Defense Attorney in Austin Knows About the Burden of Proof

Time in court and experience defending clients give lawyers an understanding of what’s required to win or lose a case. This information is vital in trying to reduce penalties. They can spot when an arresting or interviewing officer does something wrong. They know when someone doesn’t live up to arresting or booking process requirements. Any misstep can help lower penalties clients will face in a criminal trial. They also will be able to help analyze whether what you did or didn’t do will give authorities enough to prove a case. That’s invaluable when negotiating plea deals or settlements. 

Attorneys Know Legal Precedent

Penalties operate on precedent. If someone has paid something in the past, it sets a standard. It’s unreasonable for someone to face a more severe penalty than someone in the past who’s done the same thing. Why should you pay twice what someone else did for the same infraction? A good criminal defense attorney in Austin knows what penalties are standard practice in Texas and can fight anything higher. 

Stephen Bowling & Associates has extensive experience helping clients lower penalties and other legal sentences. If you need help with a criminal matter, contact our team today for help. 


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