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Make sure you take the time and steps to prepare for your day in court. It doesn’t matter if you were wrongly accused or there’s any merit to the case; you need to protect yourself. Failing to prepare for a trial or to deal with a judge can have dire consequences. It can cost you more money, and worse, your freedom if you’re sent to jail. You need to find an attorney who can fight for you. For a great criminal defense attorney, Austin residents need someone with experience and an understanding of the court system. Here’s how you can work with them to build an ironclad defense. 

Create an Established Record of Events

When anything happens that could cause legal troubles, contact your attorney. It’s important to record your version of the events while they are fresh in your mind. Too many people give conflicting stories. It’s natural, as you remember things or deal with the trauma of a car accident. However, with a criminal defense attorney, Austin police and others in the legal system will be more cautious in how they interact with you. They know that any misstep can kill a case. Indeed, you’ll get better treatment when you have legal representation.

Understand Circumstances Around Your Case

One of the benefits of a good criminal attorney is knowing what to expect. Whatever legal issue you’re facing, attorneys will be able to tell you what the anticipated penalties will be. They can also create a good picture of what your odds of winning are. 

Knowing what to expect goes a long way to prevent anxiety and worry before trial. You can carry on with normal life, knowing that your attorney is hard at work on your defense. 

For the Best Criminal Defense Attorney, Austin Turns to Stephen Bowling

For years, people looking for the best criminal defense attorney Austin has to offer have turned to Stephen Bowling & Associates for help. We assist clients in defending themselves in the legal system and limit the impact of lawsuits, fight against abuse, and get accident settlements you deserve. 

Contact us today if you were arrested or are involved in a legal dispute. We will work with you to find the best way to build an effective defense and give you the best chance in or out of court. 

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